Lifestyle Changes For Diabetes Control
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Lifestyle Changes For Diabetes Control

My name is Tony Richards and when I turned 40 years old I began having unusual health symptoms including a powerful thirst and numbness in my hands. I went to see my doctor and after running tests he determined that I had diabetes. My doctor prescribed medicine for my condition and he also told me to make some lifestyle changes or the diabetes would get worse. I didn't want that to happen so I began researching ways to control diabetes. After implementing these ideas, my condition actually got better and I was able to reduce the amount of medication I was taking. If your doctor has diagnosed you with diabetes, it's very beneficial for you to read my blog so your condition doesn't worsen. I hope that by following this blog, it will help you to control your diabetes too.

Lifestyle Changes For Diabetes Control

Hands Looking A Bit... Old? Consider Hand Rejuvenation Treatments

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Are your hands beginning to show signs of age such as wrinkles, age spots, and a thin appearance overall? Hand rejuvenation treatment is a collection of procedures that can restore a more youthful look to your hands. Meet with a cosmetic surgeon, like one at Medical Skin Care Center, and they can help you decide which hand rejuvenation procedure or procedures are best for your needs. Common options include:

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers used to be used only on the face, but doctors have recently begun using them on the hands as well. These are injectable products that add volume to the tissue. Often, they either contain collagen or materials that stimulate your body to produce collagen. Since a decrease in collagen production is one of the main causes of wrinkles and loose skin as you age, these filler injections make your hands look more plump, youthful, and vibrant. The injections usually only take a few minutes to administer, and though your hands may be a little sore and swollen for a day or two after the procedure, you shouldn't need to take any time off from work. You'll need injections every six months to two years to maintain your new look.


Are you mostly having problems with skin discoloration, age spots, and fine lines? In this case, your doctor may recommend microdermabrasion treatments. These are non-invasive, non-surgical treatments that involve using a sanding apparatus to wear away the outer layer of your skin, revealing fresh, new skin underneath. Your skin may be a little pink and sensitive for a few days after treatment, but there aren't any serious side effects to worry about. When your results start fading, you can return for another treatment -- most patients start with weekly treatments and eventually only need followups every month or so.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is a good all-around treatment that deals with skin discoloration and wrinkles. Lasers are used to remove the skin one layer at a time. The result is younger, tighter looking hands. There is some swelling and pain to be expected after the treatment, as more skin is removed than with microdermabrasion. You may need to take a few days off of work afterwards, depending on your job responsibilities. However, most patients only need one treatment, so once you've recovered, you can enjoy your new look for many years.

If your hands are beginning to show you age, talk to your doctor to learn more about these and other options to restore a more youthful appearance.