Lifestyle Changes For Diabetes Control
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Lifestyle Changes For Diabetes Control

My name is Tony Richards and when I turned 40 years old I began having unusual health symptoms including a powerful thirst and numbness in my hands. I went to see my doctor and after running tests he determined that I had diabetes. My doctor prescribed medicine for my condition and he also told me to make some lifestyle changes or the diabetes would get worse. I didn't want that to happen so I began researching ways to control diabetes. After implementing these ideas, my condition actually got better and I was able to reduce the amount of medication I was taking. If your doctor has diagnosed you with diabetes, it's very beneficial for you to read my blog so your condition doesn't worsen. I hope that by following this blog, it will help you to control your diabetes too.

Lifestyle Changes For Diabetes Control

Tips to Help You Prepare for a Mastectomy

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Dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis can be incredibly scary and stressful. Common forms of treatment for breast cancer include radiation and chemotherapy. However, when a woman has an advanced case of breast cancer or when there is a high risk of cancer spreading to other areas of the body, an oncologist may say that surgery to remove the breast, called a mastectomy is the best treatment option. A mastectomy is a major surgery, so if you are undergoing this procedure soon, it is wise to be ready. Use the following tips to help you prepare for a mastectomy:

1. Arrange to Have Help at Home After You are Discharged from the Hospital

After you have a mastectomy you will have a recovery period, so you will most likely need help when you get home from the hospital. Before your surgery, it is in your best interest to ask friends or family members for help and support. You will need someone to help you will day to day household tasks and food preparation. It is also a good idea to have someone available to give you medications and help you with anything that you may need. 

2. Stock Up on Necessary Items

It is extremely wise to take the time to purchase all of the necessary items that you may need before your surgery date. It is highly recommended to purchase extra pillows to help prop you up while you rest and sleep as you recover. After a mastectomy, your chest, shoulder, and arm may be sore and uncomfortable, and you may not be able to lift your arm over your head. Thus, you should plan on buying pajamas and shirts that button up so they are easy to get on and off. It is also a good idea to have a supply of cleansing wipes on hand since you will not be able to shower for several days after your surgery.

3. Consider Finding a Therapist 

Many women find that going through a mastectomy is a very emotional experience. While a mastectomy may be the best form of breast cancer treatment for a woman, that doesn't mean that losing one or both breasts is easy. There is no way to predict the future and know how you will react to your mastectomy, so it is a good idea to look for a therapist in advance. Many therapists specialize in helping people deal with how they feel after being diagnosed with cancer, and a good therapist can help you if you find that you are grieving the loss of your breast due to cancer. 

For more insight, contact breast cancer treatment services.